Podcast #11 – Morten Münchow – Hitting the sweet spot

This season stands for educating and learning. Every episode a special guest joins Filip to talk about the different disciplines in coffee roasting. We want to bring in new influences and latest techniques of roasting coffee, so that you can learn something new every time you listen in the car, the roastery or just at home.

In today’s episode, we are talking all about the sweet spot with Morten Münchow, a coffee-tech engineer at CoffeeMind. The sweet spot is where you get the exact flavour and taste out of your coffee that you think it’s best. Coffee has been around already since the 15th century and many things have changed along the way. How do we perceive fruitiness? Or should we use a different system of measuring flavor? These are the questions that our guest Morten likes to discuss with Filip.

You can also listen to the episode here:

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