New year, new developments: Giesen expands

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We started in 2006 with the idea of making coffee roasters and luckily, we have grown a lot in all those years. New roasters have been added, larger projects have been completed and we continued to develop. Now it’s time for another exciting step: expansion!

Mid next year, we will be expanding into new premises. This location is fortunately close to our current location; only a 10-minute drive. Therefore, our smooth communication will carry on and we can grow even more. 


In the last years, we already expanded our workspace to adjacent properties. However, given our growth, we experienced more and more lack of space. Therefore, it’s time for the next step, a new location! This new development offers us a whopping 4.361 M2 of additional space. Perfect to take our production to the next level and carry out even more exciting projects.

Shop roasters

For now, the production of our shop roasters will take place in the new building. This will free up space in our current hall for special projects. Besides that, it offers us the space to think about other facilities like a bigger showroom and training center. 

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